Laurie Prindle Horse Art Luggage

$ 85.00 $ 169.99

Made of highest quality PU leather, this suit case features a horse painting by famous artist Laurie Prindle.

Decorated with rhinestones and silver studs.

Suitcase Features:

  • 2 handles that can be secured with a snappable strap
  • 2 inner compartments
  • A strap with Velcro to secure one inner side
  • A zippered enclosure with a snap to secure the excess zipper
  • An outer pocket that zips close
  • A compartment for the retractable handle
  • 2 rear wheels with 2 front feet
  • Approximant measurements: 15.5 in. x 7.5 in. x 18 in. (20.5" when handle is extended)



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