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Revenge of Davy Jones

Revenge of Davy Jones

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According to sailors, Davy Jones is the fiend that presides over the evil spirits of the deep. To be sent to Davy Jones’ locker was to be consigned to an eternity in the sea. Davy Jones lures you in with the sweetness of black garlic only to pull you down to the depths when the Reaper and his ghosts come for you. 

HOT! Enjoy with caution. 

Flavor Profile: Extra-high heat. Black garlic leads to a slightly smoky Carolina Reaper heat that builds.

Pairings: Don't fear the reaper but do respect the burn.  Start slowly with this sauce as the heat builds.  Sweet black garlic add savory depth to BBQ, pizza, grilled anything and is a great wake up sauce on eggs.

Made in USA

5 FL. Oz. (147 ml)

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